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Classical & Contemporary / Tango - Film Music - Jazz

Cecilia Pillado Steinway

Cecilia Pillado is a professionally experienced piano soloist for concerts:
- as a Soloist with Symphonic Orchestras,
- for Piano Recitals
- in Chamber Music Goups

                                         Please refer to repertoire for your choices.

More than Classical: Program with Film Music, Own Compositions, Tango Arrangements, New Classical, Classical-Crossover, Solo and with other musicians.

Tango & Co.

Celia Millan Tango Dancer and Partner

Cecilia Pillado commands a solid repertoire of varied and numerous Argentinian piano composers, enough to develop a cycle.
She is also an impressive performer of a lengthy repertoire of traditional and popular Argentinian Tango Music.

Both repertoires are suitable for concert halls or for smaller, less conventional venues, as well as for private events and celebrations.

The recital can be enhanced with dancers, singers or added musical instruments such as violin and bandoneón (a typical Argentine accordion).

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Music & recitation / Music explained / Music & Videos

Pillado explaining Piazzolla- In a joint effort with other actors, a dramatic show can be developed to include the recitation of poetry, other literary texts, or the history of tango, accompanied by piano.

- Another possibility is the piano recital while the pianist herself explains the pieces and communicate with the audience using her actress background. Her aim is always to give access to a new musical experience out of the
established traditions of the classical world.

- Or the experience combining piano pieces alternated with the screening of her Music Videos

Audiovisuals in Development

Development of Script/Film “Valentina, Her Piano and the Tangos” (Drama – Music) - B99THVN 9+ Docummentary, Music Videos.

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Cecilia Pillado is a linguistically versatile film and television actor and is proficient to perform in English, Spanish, Italian and German language productions. Please visit IMDb